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Meet some of our most requested products

Post Surgical Line

Girdles designed to adapt to each post-operative need and their particular care, create a compression that helps you bond the skin to the muscle and at the same time improve the contour of your shape. Designed with latest technology materials such as the Power net lined in lycra cotton that gives you greater freshness.

Sport Line

In our sports line you will find garments made of Neoprene, an intelligent material that increases body temperature helping to reduce measurements while improving your shape and keeping your outerwear dry. Its objective is to mark the waist and highlight the female figure.

Maternity Line

Find clothes that accompany you during the gestation of your pregnancy and help you prevent the discomfort caused by the weight of the baby. Designed 100% in cotton and Power net, created with latest technology materials that allows its functionality and at the same time provides you with greater comfort.

Daily Use Line

In our line of daily use you will find girdles that adapt to your daily activities and help you to highlight your shape meanwhile they provide you with the comfort that your body needs every day. They are garments made in Power net and lined in lycra cotton that will give you greater freshness.